Gymnasts Name:  Lena Wirth

2016 Graduate

Current School: Roseville High School, Roseville, CA

GPA : 4.5

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins and JD MacDonald

Coaches email:

Parents Names: Theo and Claudia Wirth

Parents Email:

2015 Event Start Values and Personal Best - Competed level 10 - Injured prior to season so did not compete much

Vault - Start Value 9.7 High Score -- (2014 - 9.2)

Bars - Start Value 9.6 High Score -- (2014 - 8.5)

Beam - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.35 (2014 - 9.25)

Floor - Start Value 10.0 High Score -- (2014 - 9.45)

All Around - -- (2014 - 35.25)

Competing skills 2014 season Level 10

Vault - Handspring double twist

Bars - Toe on full twist, shoot over to handstand, toe shoot, double twist dismount

Beam - front aerial-back handspring, side flip, switch leap-switch leap, front full dismount

Floor - 2 1/2 twist, front layout-front full, 1 1/2 twist to front pike

New Skills for 2016 Season Level 10

Vault - Handspring double twist, or 2 1/2 twist

Bars - Toe on 1/2 turn to straddle Yaegar, Shoot over to toe shoot, Toe to handstand full turn, double back dismount

Beam - jump to split mount, Front aerial-back handspring, side aerial, switch leap-switch leap or switch 1/2 turn, front full dismount

Floor - 2 1/2 twist to punch front, double twist forward, front layout-Rudi

2014 Season Highlights:

2014 State Championships 9th on floor, scratched beam 

2015 Regional Championships 8th on beam, 14th on floor

Coach’s Note:  Lena has been at Byers for over 14 years. During Lena’s gymnastics career she has an elbow issue that has affected her ability to train bars for long periods of time.  Over this last year, she was finally diagnosed with a nerve that runs the wrong way over the bone and would get irritated.  She started wearing an elbow brace and her bars are on fire.  She is one of the quickest, strongest, smartest, and most dedicated athletes on the team.  In the last year, she has struggled through a foot injury, but has recovered nicely.  We hope to have a successful all around year.