Gymnasts Name:  Amber Piwkiewicz

2016 Graduate Competed as a Level 10 in 2015

Current School: Oakridge High School, El Dorado Hills, CA

GPA : 4.1

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins and JD MacDonald

Coaches email:

Parents Names: Debbie and Mike Piwkiewicz

Parents Email:

2015 Event Start Values and Personal Best - Competed level 10 - Injured prior to season so did not compete much

Vault Start Value 10.0 High Score (2014 - 9.625)

Bars - Start Value 9.8 High Score (2014 - 9.35)

Beam - Start Value 10.0 High Score (2014 - 9.1)

Floor - Start Value 10.0 High Score (2014 - 9.225)

All Around - (2014 - 35.625)

Competing skills 2014 Season Level 10

Vault - yerchenko layout full or tuck 1 1/2 twist

Bars - straddle yaegar, shoot over, double back dismount

Beam - flip flop layout, aerial, switch side, switch leap-straddle 3/4

Floor - 1 1/2 twist front tuck, double tuck

New Skills for 2016 Season Level 10

Vault - yerchenko layout full

Bars - straddle yaegar, shoot over, double back dismount

Beam - flip flop layout, aerial pike jump, switch leap-switch leap, flip flop gainer full off the side

Floor - double tuck, front full-front pike, double pike

Season Highlights:

2014 State Championships:  9th on vault, 9th on bars, 9th on floor

2014 Regional Championships:  8th on vault

Coach’s Note: Amber just recently returned to Byers after 6 seasons with another gym.  At the time she returned, she had been injured and did not have most of her old skills.  She has worked hard and is close to the level she was before the injury.  Bars is somewhat of a struggle right now, but Vault, beam, and floor are headed in the right direction.  Amber is a great teammate and wants to improve.  I expect that by the time season starts, she’ll be doing well.